ok, we don't have sugar, beaters or measuring cups

let's see what sort of cake we can make!

this service terminates here. all change please. all change.
Wiki falling
This blog has come to an end. This has been a long time coming, but basically I feel that I can no longer support Livejournal with my content and money. Secondly, lots of people on the technical Planets don't enjoy reading the things I write about my life.

I haven't stopped blogging though! I'm moving my personal life over to danni @ Dreamwidth, who are awesome. If you want to be part of Dreamwidth, I have some invite codes; comment here and hopefully I can hook you up.

I have also started a geek blog on blogs.gnome.org: the aptly named scrambled tofu. This is the blog that should be syndicated to any Planets.

I won't be cross posting; this is the end of the tape. When I'm feeling procrustinatey, I'll send around emails to ask for my Planet subscriptions to be updated, or if you're a Planet administrator, and super keen, here's the feed. Leave a comment below and I won't bug you with email :o)